About Us

Naarad TV’s website identified under the category of a news portal. But it is not just a medium to convey news to you. Rather it is a step to give a new direction to the news. our social media is also an attempt to make good content available to the common people.

Naarad TV is also active on other platforms with this thinking. Naarad tv was founded in 2018 By Anurag Suryavanshi. And within a few years, it has reached millions of people.
And we are working with the belief that our future will always be better than the present.

We publish all types of news on our website. Including politics, Bollywood, sports, technology – brings news of all the regions of the INDIA & world to you.

Thank you to those who are joined with us, and those who are joining now are most welcomed. Hope you are enjoying Naarad TV.

Naarad Tv Group

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