About Us

A good news channel is the one where it feels a nation is talking to itself. NaaradTV is a channel of bold, fearless, and young journalists of diverse ethnicities who assemble or congregate to talk about global issues and crises. Being incisive and creative, we aim to deliver news that’s brisk, true, and credible. We provide the nation with the news of the hour with efficient analysis and complete coverage. 

The fundamental rule of the channel is to be neutral or unbiased when it comes to politics or the geopolitical system of the world. So, all the information from our end is non-partisan. We vouch to be the best ‘New-Age’ Hindi channel because of the constant improvisation in language, attitude, and criteria. We believe in being the reflection of the viewer’s preference, taste, and wants.  


NaaradTV aims to present news without any colors, in pure black and white. We provide our viewers with raw and unbiased information from all genres satisfying, our viewers with their very wants. Ranging from the day-to-day activities of celebrities, advertisements, statements, photographs, social media hypes, political clashes to domestic violence and abuse. Variety is the constant in our channel. 

As we talk about Global issues and crises we also keep in mind not only talk about poverty and hunger. But also about political decisions of power countries, strikes in our neighboring countries, and implementation of the government’s various rules and policies.

We do remember the future generation of the nation, the ones who hold our destiny. Our news also covers results, academics, tentative and comparative exams. 


The best part about our channel is the language. We choose to deliver the news in a comprehensive and synchronized manner. Thus, understanding the news becomes a cakewalk for the viewers. The news turns out more interesting when our journalist starts delivering it in their way, which is comical. 


We promise you to reach all those corners where others hold back. We promise to be the voice of the nation, to deliver what you want, to show what you want to see, and be the medium of connection. 

We, NaaradTV strive to be the answer you want, for each of your unanswered questions. 

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